Braamfie Runners®

WE pound the pavements.

WE beat the elements.

WE run jozi.

Saturdays at 06:00 AM

153 Smit Street, Braamfontein

About Us


What started off in 2012 as an invite-only club for influencers and celebrities has now grown into one of the largest run crews in the country. We cater to ALL levels. Safety is our focus. No-one gets left behind.

In the spirit of Bridge The Gap, we run, we party and we repeat. We are accountants, writers, DJs, doctors, artists and engineers... But more than all of these things, we are runners. Read more about us here.

Meet us at our base in Braamfontein, 153 Smit Street, every Saturday morning at 06:00.

Everyone is welcome. There are no red tapes. No sign-up is required.

let's run together

we love & enjoy running


An essential part of running

Before and after our runs, we take some time to warm up and do dynamic stretching

The Friendship

Bonding ON and OFF the road

Smile, always smile

The Run

Never stop running

Running is among the best aerobic exercises for physical conditioning of your heart and lungs

If She Dies, He dies

GO big or GO home

There are no limits!!!

10 Years Braamfie Runners

A 10 Year Milestone was reached in 2022

10 years is a long time, yet we continue

The Brave Ones

The Comrades Finishers - Project 15

15 of our members took on the ultimate human race in 2018 and all the 15 finished within the cut off time

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153 Smit Street

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